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Blanche Mae

Southern New Jersey author, Blanche Mae is taking Romance in a new direction. Her fusion of history and down to earth gals creates an untypical series of romances involving historical forts and their preservation.

Blanche believes woman can be down to earth and have unorthodox likes and still attract men of quality. Taking strong women who feel out of place in modern day society and putting them in uncomfortable social situations is the key to the Fortress Series magic.

The Making of the Fortress Series

Blanche fell in love with history and historical forts with her first visit to Fort Delaware in 1994. Since she has traveled extensively and visited historical fortifications as far off as Puerto Rico and the Mayan Ruins of Mexico. These journeys play heavily in her stories


The Fortress Series - Volume 1

Are you ready for a story like no other?

A romance that is not all about a primping girl and a handsome guy?

Then the Fortress Volume 1 is for you. It is the story of two generations of women who are not dominated by social norms and the power of rich men. It’s about Jene and Jessie two strong willed woman who instead of primping every morning get down and dirty with the boys.

This unusual modern romance takes place in a 17th century fort in modern day New Jersey. Jenevia Werden is an unusual woman whose life revolves around the fort. Unexpectedly their source of funding for the fort Herbert Mann passes and their quick world is turned upside down. Jene finds herself in the New York limelight as she is thrown into personal and romantic conflicts with the handsome Gavyn Mann.

The Fortress series brings you woman who are down to earth and real and the unlikely romances they stir. Fort Loss follows the first novella Fort Beacon with the continuation of the infamous and famous Mann family making waves and breaking hearts.

This double novella volume contains the full stories of both Fort Beacon and Fort Loss in one compact edition.

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