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Joanna Swank

Born in Southern New Jersey Joanna Swank has always used writing as an outlet to get the clutter of ideas out of her head. She often says if she stopped writing she would run out of space in her head to learn. She writes in a variety of genres romance, poetry and drama.


In 2011 I started the series Anyone Can Be a Novelist to help other aspiring authors fulfill their dreams. This has been a successful series and has even spurred a series of college courses.


Joanna resides with her boyfriend of over two decades and her four-legged child Maya.


Anyone Can Be a Novelist 


This workbook was developed as a counterpart to the successful 'Anyone Can Be a Novelist' seminars. Creator and lecturer Joanna Swank has developed a step by step workbook that takes you from coming up with an idea to getting it published.The workbook is filled with exercises and tools to make your dreams of being an author come true. We can't promise you fame but we can promise to give you the tools to succeed. The rest is up to you. Buy Here

When we see beyond a person’s immediate façade, looking inside them for what is there, instead of making a judgement on just what we can see, then we are truly seeing that person for what they are and their true value.

Seeing Beyond the Surface Volume 1, is a collection of short stories and poems which has been written by people with disabilities, or by those who are living with someone who has a disability.

The works inside the pages of this book are truly uplifting and inspiring, filled with all of the positives of life and never dwelling on the negatives, just because there may be more of them and they are more obvious some of the time.

There are words which will make you smile, sentences to motivate and inspire you and whole paragraphs which will surprise you.  Every page holds something new and unique, and every author delivers personal and first-hand experiences that will move and encourage you to keep reading.

All of the proceeds of this book go to the charity, Abilities Solutions Westville NJ.

For more information refer to the book website Seeing Beyond the Surface

Swank Poetry 

Poetry Chapbook

A selection of poetry from the intricate mind of Southern New Jersey poet Joanna Swank.

This eclectic collage of poems is sure to please a variety of readers.

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Family Drama

You often watch the news about horrific tragedies and wonder what happen to the surviving victims. This is a story of one family, the Thornes, TORN apart by an unspeakable murder.

And how they find the strength to go on and find themselves and the love they never thought could happen.

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